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Computers can provide a wealth of treasures for kids, but it can be a challenge for parents to sift through the noise to find quality educational resources. Our classes will guide kids to some of the best free educational software and websites available. Computers cannot replace quality instruction, or parental attention. Not every learning process should be “entertaining”. But computers can be an invaluable learning aid. We’ll guide kids toward resources which will develop their ability to think, rather than just provide passive entertainment.

These classes are designed for kids approximately 7 to 11 years old, but feel free to register a child (or adult) of ANY age, if you feel it’s a good fit. 

  • Intro to Computing For Younger Kids – Designed for kids under 8, this class will provide students access to tons of free educational web-based resources, and engage the child in numerous creative and intellectual mini-projects, which they can continue to utilize on their own, on any computer.
  • Giant Eyeball - A dazzling visual sandbox, where kids will get to edit masterworks, such as the Mona Lisa, experiment with colors and special effects, gaze at spellbinding optical illusions, and use the electronic equivalent of spirograph to create amazing animated shapes.
  • Monkey Around With Sound - Kids LOVE this class! They will experiment with sound generators, drum machines, synthesizers, while getting exposed to the fundamental ingredients of music.
  • Computer Programming For Kids – Regardless of your child’s future profession, learning how to program computers at an early age develops rigorous logical thinking skills.

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