Introduction To Computing


This class will get kids doing creative and intellectually challenging projects. The class will also provide software and web-links that the students can continue to learn from, when the semester is over.

Students will program computer graphics with the Logo Turtle programming language. They will produce and record their own musical compositions with virtual beat-boxes. They will perform virtual science experiments. They will get a head-start in mathematics. Kids will learn how to “Google”, how to look at satellite pictures of their own house using online maps, and how to get free, live math tutoring from a live math tutor, and more.

Computers can provide a wealth of treasures for kids, but it can be a challenge for parents to sift through the noise to find quality educational resources. This class will guide kids to some of the best free educational software and websites available.

Computers cannot replace quality instruction, or parental attention. Not every learning process should be “entertaining”. But computers can be an invaluable learning aid. We’ll guide kids toward resources which will develop their ability to think, rather than just passive entertainment.

Kids will leave this class with projects they created, a CD of great software, and a list of super web-links.


John Weiss

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