Computer Programming


Programming computers is a great way for kids to develop their understanding of logic and variables.

We live in a computerized world, but most people use computers without understanding how they work. Advanced computer programming skills are invaluable in wide-ranging careers in science and technology. Students who get a headstart in programming will have an advantage at the college-level and beyond. This class will provide students with that headstart.

We’ll introduce students to code-construction fundamentals, such as control structures, variables, and user-interface. Students will get hands-on experience, starting with the simplest projects possible. For some students, learning to program can be like learning a language from another planet; this class will hold their hand every step of the way.

No student will be left behind, or held back. Students will progress at their own pace. The class will consist of a combination of group-instruction and one-on-one tutoring, to insure that every student gets adequate individual attention.

The class will impress upon students the importance of quality coding practices, such as good design, meaningful variable names, and specialized procedures.

Each child will have produced, by sememster’s end, at least one complete program, using either graphical, audio, or text-based output.


Students are required to be able to read, and have at least slight exposure to pre-algebra or algebra.


John Weiss

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