Radio Heads

Producing a radio show is an amazingly social activity. Radio producers get to meet and interview fascinating people, learn technical skills, and explore their creativity.

Producing radio immerses students in an eclectic range of activities and skills:

  • Public speaking
  • Theater and acting
  • Narrative and dramatic structure
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Technology skills:
    • microphone technique
    • mixing
    • recording
    • editing

This class will give kids an experience which goes beyond the everyday act of turning on their CD player. We’ll provide them with professional tools, and help them develop an attitude of professionalism.

Students will produce a variety of types of programming, including:

  • live interviews
  • prerecorded music
  • talk shows
  • live music shows, where the kids will host a local musician or band
  • audio experimentation & sound effects
  • news & documentary shows
  • community event coverage
  • international shows, where kids can broadcast in a non-English language, play non-American music, or interview people from other countries and cultures
  • radio theater and comedy
  • cooking shows

The students will learn about radio history and the role of radio journalism in society. We may do a field-trip to a local radio station. Shows produced by students will be enjoyed by listeners around the world!

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